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Key Components of SusCast Technology

benefit 1

  • Resource Efficiency:
    • Reduced Raw Material Dependency by significantly decreasing reliance on traditional resources like sand, cement, and aggregate, promoting resource conservation.
    • Circular Economy Participation by transforming post-consumer waste, including plastic, construction debris, and glass, into valuable building materials, minimising waste generation and closing the resource loop.

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  • Circular Economy Principles:
    • Closed-Loop System
      • Minimizing waste generation and maximizing resource utilization throughout the entire product life cycle.
    • Localized Production
      • Suscast supports regional sustainability by utilizing locally sourced waste streams and fostering local manufacturing opportunities.

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  • Performance and Efficiency:
    • Lightweight Design
      • Suscast products are engineered to be lightweight, requiring less material and energy for transportation and construction.
    • Insulation and Durability
      • Suscast structures meet high-performance standards for thermal insulation, structural integrity, and long-term durability.

    benefit 4

    • Carbon Footprint Reduction:
      • CO2 Sequestration
        • Active incorporation of CO2 from various sources into the concrete mixture and contributing to carbon reduction efforts.
      • Low Embodied Carbon
        • Significantly lower carbon footprint compared to traditional building materials, minimising their environmental impact.

    benefit 5

    • Waste Reduction:
      • Construction and Demolition Waste Management by offering a sustainable solution for repurposing and minimising waste.
      • Recycling Rate Improvement
        • Suscast promotes responsible resource utilisation by significantly exceeding industry-average recycling rates.

      Current Stages and Our Next Steps

      Suscast technology has reached Technology Readiness Level 4 (TRL 4), demonstrating its technical feasibility and readiness for real-world applications. The successful completion of the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase provides a robust foundation for further development and pilot implementations.

      Suscast is actively seeking partnerships to embark on on-ground pilot projects. These projects will showcase the scalability and effectiveness of the technology in diverse construction scenarios, paving the way for widespread adoption and industry-wide positive change.

      By embracing Suscast, the construction industry can move towards a future that is sustainable, resource-efficient, and carbon-neutral. 

      Wish to join us on this journey towards building a greener and more resilient built environment for generations to come?

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