Microbial Carbon-to-Chemical technology

With advancements in biotechnology, at Caliche, we are deploying a biological method for carbon capture from flue gas and converting it to specialty chemicals. We deploy a modular unit for the selected specification at the site and establish the efficacy of the carbon capture technology.

We specialize in leveraging the unique capabilities of extreme-environment, naturally occuring microbes, specifically CPLPB1 and CPLPB2, to capture carbon dioxide efficiently.

Target Industries for Operation

The carbon capture technology is being deployed for the flue gas emissions from the following industries

For Thermal Power Plants

TPPs are a major Carbon emitter. We capture CO2 from flue gas chimneys. The presence of CO, SOX and NOX etc. are acceptable.

For Steel & Metals Industry

We capture CO2 from BFs, coke ovens, Platemills and calcination kilns etc.

For Cement Industries

Cement Industry is the third largest contributor to carbon emission. We set up capture units in the plants itself.

For CBG & Green Hydrogen Plants

Removal of CO2 is essential for production of CBG and Green Hydrogen. Caliche helps in capturing that Carbon.

Why Choose Us

benefit 1

It is a natural process that captures carbon from flue gas and not syn gas.

benefit 2

It produces useful and versatile byproducts that can be used in the plant itself.

benefit 3

It is modular in nature. Hence deployment and logistics are comparatively simpler.

benefit 4

We offer this technology at a pricing that is competitive globally.

We are deploying
10 Ton/day Pilots

Talk to us and we will work to deliver this benefit to you.