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At Caliche, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation, foster creativity, and achieve mutual success. Our collaborations are at the heart of what we do, as we work alongside industry leaders, forward-thinking organizations, academic institutions and talented individuals to create groundbreaking solutions that make a lasting impact.

Ready to embark on a collaborative journey with Caliche. We're excited to explore the possibilities and co-create the future. Contact us today to start the conversation and discover how our collaboration can lead to innovative solutions and mutual success.

Explore the various ways you can collaborate with Caliche:

Strategic Partnerships: Join forces with us for long-term, strategic initiatives that align with our shared goals.

Innovation Challenges: Participate in our innovation challenges and contribute your expertise to solve real-world problems.

Research and Development Collaborations: Collaborate on cutting-edge research and development projects to drive technological advancements.

Our approach to collaboration

Inclusive Partnerships:

We value diversity and inclusivity in our collaborations. By bringing together individuals and organizations with varied perspectives, skills, and backgrounds, we cultivate an environment that sparks innovation and fosters the development of well-rounded solutions.

Open Communication:

Transparent and open communication is the cornerstone of successful collaborations. We prioritize clear and effective communication channels to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned, informed, and empowered to contribute their unique insights.

Mutual Growth:

Our collaborations are designed for mutual benefit. We believe that by growing together, we can achieve more significant milestones. Whether it's through shared resources, knowledge exchange, or joint ventures, we seek to create value that extends beyond individual accomplishments.

let's start collaborating!

Write to us

Write to us showcasing your interest to collaborate. Do mention your area of interest and schedule a meeting with us, almost instantly. Do not share anything confidential, yet.

Talk with us

Tell our assigned executives your expectations from the proposed collaboration.

Multilingual & translatable NDA

We mutually sign a Non-disclosure agreement to move ahead.

Amazingly responsive

We are amazingly responsive in due course of signing. You can flag any concerns anytime before entering into collaboration agreement.

Real time updates

We expect to receive regular updates about your concerns and reservations during the entire course of collaboration. Transparency is one of our prime values.

Signing of MoU

Our collaboration officially gets enacted once we sign and exchange MoUs. Congratulations!

Experience tech design at scale

Any tech that has been conceptualized at Caliche, has always been developed for large scale deployment. Academicians across disciplines can bring their ideas to life while working on collaborative projects.

Interested. Please contact!


Have a great idea, but don’t have cross-functional research team? Consider co-developing your technologies with our engineering team. Our methodologies are flexible and time bound.

remain responsive across domains

Considering our solutions for application in your industry with a little customization. Yes, we’re open for it. We love to see our solutions deployed across domains. If you are considering such market-oriented collaborations, welcome!

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