From Subsurface-to-Space
Caliche Tech Portfolio

As an artist would use a palette of colors to produce a series of paintings, we engineers from diverse backgrounds create a series of technologies using our learnings that create an impact.

This is our tech portfolio designed and perfected at Caliche Labs as services and market-specific solutions.

Caliche is a leading sustainable technologies supplier from India.


Patents Filed in last 5 years

For Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

Sand Influx control and secondary cementation technologies

Petroleum exploration software in association with NDR, DGH

For Downstream Oil & Gas Industry

Corrosion Monitoring systems for oil tanks and pipelines with    IOCL


Wet waste degradation and Bioremediation suite at higher altitudes using a modular digester with DRDO.

Carbon Capture units for thermal power plants and refineries.

Space Tech

Sending microbes in space for certain technological              applications in association with INSPACE (ISRO).

Ongoing R&D

EV Battery degradation using Microbes.

Sustainable Mining technologies and associated software

Bioleaching of materials, Gasification of biomass for Green Hydrogen Production.

innovation AREAS

Environment Reclamation & Clean-Tech
Mining, Petroleum and Allied Earth Sciences
Advanced Biotech Applications
Artificial Intelligence


At Caliche, all technologies are developed to be environment friendly. Our technologies are meant to be in accordance with global environmental standards.


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Previous Breakthroughs

We are pushing the boundaries of the domains that we are working in.

12,ooo liter of microbe production at a well site

Promising work in the area of fine sand influx control

Decentralising bioethanol Production