SRIJAN - Sand Reconsolidation by Injection of Anaerobes

An advanced, sustainable, rig-less Sand Influx Control Technology for Oil & Gas wells

SRIJAN is a microbial sand reconsolidation technology leverages the power of natural microbes to reconsolidate sand formations and a tuned biochemical process, effectively preventing sand influx and ensuring optimal well performance.

An ESG compliant method especially for low-producing wells in  marginal fields.

SRIJAN is a water based bio-resin that is easy to pump. It is a Rig-less, green method to control sand/silt influx in oil wells. The entire operation takes 4 days (subject to the recommendations of the feasibility  studies prior to the job.)


No Workover Rig Required

It is a natural process that requires a CTU or a surface pumping unit for injection of microbes in the formation. It is a preferable solution for Offshore wells as well.

Well Shut-in for just 4 days

The well does not go into workover, hence there is no requirement of pulling out and the well shut-in time is reduced significantly.

Deployable in all completions

The solution is non-viscous and hence can be injected easily through all complex completions including horizontal wells and multi-string completions.

80% Permeability Retention

The permeability can be remotely controlled from the surface and hence the permeability loss is always less than 20%.

We are deploying !

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