Caliche studio

Services and Market-specific solutions

Project SRIJAN

Solving Sand Influx in Oil Wells

Project BioChe

Biogenic Chemicals for the Oil and associated Industry

Project Macleai

AI enabled data processing for the Oil and Mining Industry

Bioremediation Suite

A complete range of soil and water reclamation solutions

Carbon Capturing Solutions

Unique modular filter for carbon-capturing, deployable at source

Effluent Treatment

Customizable industrial effluent filter assembly, highly effective in eliminating harsh chemicals and dyes

Clean Energy (Bioethanol)

Pods that convert a range of raw materials into fuel-grade ethanol

innovation AREAS

Environment Reclamation & Clean-Tech
Mining, Petroleum and Allied Earth Sciences
Advanced Biotech Applications
Artificial Intelligence


At Caliche, all technologies are developed to be environment friendly. Our technologies are meant to be in accordance with global environmental standards.


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Plant based Chemicals converted to highly pure  nanomaterials ideal for industrial applications

Scale Removal

Low-cost scale removal technology for the oil wells with high scale deposits


Integration of AI in agriculture to predict growth patterns to pre-calculate pest associated applications